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5 Best Things to Do When You have a Writer's Block

When you have writer's block, it can be very discouraging. As an author, there have been many times I have been faced with writer's block.  Sometimes I would stare at the computer screen, and no words would come to mind. Here are 5 best things to do when writer's block happens:

1. Write about anything.
Whatever comes off the top of your head you should type it up or write it down on paper. Let your ideas flow without worrying about punctuation or grammar. I have came up with the best ideas when I just wrote freely.

2. Write at a different place.
Sometimes having a different change of scenery can have a significant impact on your writing. Go to the library or to a local Starbucks.

3. Read something old that you have written.
I find that going back and looking at some of my old writings can help remind me of how well ideas came to me in the past. It takes the pressure off of me trying to be the perfect writer and just realize the reason why I love to write.

4. Do something creative
Whether you paint, draw or do arts & crafts, doing something creative can help exercise the creative part of your brain which allows ideas to flow more.

5. Get rid of distractions
Out of all of the 5 best things to do when writer's block happens, getting rid of distractions is the most important aspect. Sometimes you just need to turn off your cell phone and the internet. You should ask your loved ones to give you your personal space so that you can write without interruptions.

When you apply these 5 best things to do when writer's block happens, you will be on your way to writing a masterpiece.

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